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Most of the settings here fall into the “set it and forget it” category, as you won’t need to change them frequently. I appreciate the high dynamic range 4. Stay with us, we’ll try to fit it all in! Even if all of your film is in pristine condition you can still benefit from the resolution and performance of the Super Coolscan The “tools” button pops up the separate Tools Palette window, which provides access to the various scanning controls. When you have everything on particularly the digital ICE one scan takes a minute or two.

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As noted earlier, Nikon claims a scan time of as little as 38 seconds for a full-resolution 67 megabyte file scan. Considering the price, the technology involved and the results achieved by even novice users the Super Coolscan is a winner! The autofocus accomplishes a perfect job for accurately mounted slides and smooth film strips. Epson Perfection V Flatbed 8.

That was an eye opener for me and told me that anything scanned on this machine would be better for it. My old slides had a bend in the film that made the scanner hard to autofocus, you might have to play around and bend the mount to achieve critical focus.

A roll of 36 exposures can take upwards of an hour when you have all the scan bells and whistles on and yes, I had the film roll drum adapter, that’s how I know. Information This is more info that used to appear in the main scanning window.

The detailed crop size and color information readouts that appeared here in Nikon Scan 2 have now been moved to a tool palette window. Black friday is apon is i April – We’ll be testing other high-spec dpi units in the coming months though, so stay tuned.

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Nikon LS ED / Super Coolscan ED – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

This image is a “raw” scan of a badly abused 35mm negative. Thus, the usefulness of analog gain control will depend somewhat on the image being scanned. You’ll note that there are still minor blemishes left in the image, but their nature is such that they’d be quite easy to remove either by cloning or with a “smudge” tool in a paint program. It’s important to note too though, that the various advanced features, such as Digital ICE and especially multi-sample scanning, greatly increase scan times.

While this increases overall brightness and depth in the shadows on slides conversely, in the highlights ee negativesthe less-dense areas of the film can suffer from a light overload.

Really can’t be matched. On Mac systems with built-in FireWire connectors in the current Mac lineup, all but the lowest-end iMacs have FireWireconnecting the scanner is as simple as plugging the Niokn cable into the computer’s port.

LS 4000ED / Super Coolscan 4000ED

The SF auto slide feeder plugs into the Super Coolscan ED in the same fashion as other adapters, but its construction requires both devices to rest on their sides. Nikon’s sophisticated Color Management System ensures xoolscan from the scanner are reproduced accurately on different output devices such as printers and monitors.

This process greatly enhances the visual impact of resulting scanned images. Nikon told me ship it to them again. The Archive Suite combines scanner and digital imaging software in a coolscab package. Lengthwise, the SA can handle film curled into rolls larger in diameter than 30mm. The custom CCD reduces image noise to provide clean, precise color representation that does justice to your slides.


Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Color Management Most low-end scanners give you no choice about the “color space” the scan is performed in, simply making some broad assumption about the sort of monitor you’re using, and how it is set up. In standalone mode e. True to Nikon and Applied Science Fiction’s claims, it does indeed appear to do a good job of removing grain without significantly affecting image detail.

Depending on the labor rate you choose coooscan value such time, Digital ICE could literally pay for the entire scanner investment in one large job. Spider Camera Holsters – Black Scanner Extras This is the menu that controls scanning depth, multi-sample scanning, and manual focus adjustments. The QuickTime videos were very useful to understand the various settings available in the program.

You can set the scanner to autofocus, perform autoexposure, and apply Digital ICE and multi-sample scanning to the preview images, prior to the main scans themselves.

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The ability to get good results quickly is key for production scanning, and after quite a learning curve the Super Coolscan ED does very well in this respect.